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50 Years in the Blink of an Eye

September 4, 2017 Posted by: Rob Commodari

As I reflected Sunday on my 50th birthday and how the first 50 years of my life have gone, I thought about a book I read several years ago called Halftime, authored by Bob Buford. In his book, he shares how we can look at our lives in two parts. The first part is our striving for success and being all about ourselves, and the second part is about living a life of significance.

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Seeds of Abundance Sprout Fertile Relationships

July 31, 2017 Posted by: Rob Commodari

You may have asked yourself, is your cup half empty or is it half full? Do you have a scarcity mindset or do you come from a place of abundance?  Many of us have struggled with scarcity at one point or another during our lives. When discussing scarcity and abundance, some ask what is abundance?

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Slow Down to Speed Up: Contemplative Prayer and Clearing the Mind

June 29, 2017 Posted by: Rob Commodari

Most of us go through our days checking off things we had set out to do when the day began and very seldom think about the day itself. We are doers.

Thirteen years ago, I was introduced to “contemplative prayer.” It’s a form of meditation where one tries to clear the mind of the spinning thoughts. It’s a nearly impossible task with 50,000 thoughts moving through our brains every day. 

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A Lion’s Courage: How We Learn to Seize the Day

May 31, 2017 Posted by: Rob Commodari

I recently went to an event in San Diego called “Peak Experience.” It’s an annual event where approximately 500 real estate agents get together for a personal growth experience. I have been to this event maybe a dozen times and each year the material is different. Some years, I may have had a breakthrough while right there in the moment. Other times, it might be a few weeks or months before something strikes me from the event as the “aha” takeaway. The theme of this year’s event was wrapped around […]

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What You Need to Do to Get Your House Ready to Go on the Market

May 3, 2017 Posted by: Rob Commodari

“I’m getting ready to put my house on the market. What do I need to do to get it to sell?” It is a question I’m asked a lot by clients and prospective clients. So many people watch HGTV these days that they already have some idea of what to do. But, as you probably learned as a kid, don’t take television as Gospel. What you need to do to get your house ready to go on the market comes down to three key variables. Before you decide how to prioritize those […]

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Humble Pie: How a Taste of Humility Can Call Us to Action

April 3, 2017 Posted by: Rob Commodari

You’ve heard the expression, “I ate a piece of humble pie”? Basically, when you’ve been humbled, that’s what you were served. It never tastes good, but its benefits are priceless. In fact, a little bit of humility is one of the greatest gifts we can receive. Because humility is borne from humiliation, it never feels or tastes good when we are served it, but the challenge is to ingest it and take it as a gift. But can we be grateful for the taste of humble pie when we receive it? […]

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