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April 13, 2020 Posted by: Rob Commodari

Most people look at real estate agents as sales consultants. But the most successful real estate agents are those who feel a passion to serve. And these days, service is as important as sales. If you feel your energy rise to a different level when you think about providing service, then you are in the right business. But that business is changing. The real estate market is going to shift. While it’s still strong right now, it is slowing. Fewer homes are listed for sale. Fewer buyers are willing to […]

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What You Need to Do to Get Your House Ready to Go on the Market

May 3, 2017 Posted by: Rob Commodari

“I’m getting ready to put my house on the market. What do I need to do to get it to sell?” It is a question I’m asked a lot by clients and prospective clients. So many people watch HGTV these days that they already have some idea of what to do. But, as you probably learned as a kid, don’t take television as Gospel. What you need to do to get your house ready to go on the market comes down to three key variables. Before you decide how to prioritize those […]

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Less Is More in Home Staging, and in Life

July 31, 2016 Posted by: Rob Commodari

I have been in real estate for 15 years now and I enjoy going on listing appointments. When I do go on a listing appointment, one of the first points I make to all of my sellers is this: buyers are always looking for space. They are looking for space on the floors, the walls, and the counter tops. Removing carpet or furniture from a room will make it look bigger. Removing pictures from the walls makes the wall space look larger, and removing as much as possible from counter tops, […]

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Building Your Connections Is Like Tilling Tomatoes

July 25, 2016 Posted by: Rob Commodari

One day, while watering my garden I got to thinking how preparing and growing vegetables is similar to growing your connections in business. Sounds crazy but it’s an apt metaphor. Indulge me as I tell you about my recent horticultural endeavors to explain what I mean. Three years ago I took up gardening as a hobby. I had had an itch to try it for a while, especially since my father, of Italian heritage, had worked in produce all his life. But I had never chosen to take the time, and it wasn’t until the spring of 2014 […]

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What Speech Class Taught Me About Selling Homes

March 31, 2016 Posted by: Rob Commodari

Several years ago when I gave my first public speech to a crowd of 650 people, I recorded it and gave it to my business coach, a very gifted public speaker, to evaluate how I performed and what I could do better. After I sent it to him, a few months went by before I got any feedback. His response: “Join Toastmasters.” Now, I wasn’t sure how to take that answer. He could have told me to join Toastmasters, an international group that helps individuals polish their speaking skills, because […]

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The Trusted Advisor — Character and Competence in the Real Estate Industry

February 29, 2016 Posted by: Rob Commodari

In today’s world with so much information being shared, whether it’s in business or in life, everyone is looking for a trusted advisor.  The most important element of any relationship is trust. Trust comes down to two very simple concepts: character and competence. Character is all about who you are, while competence is about what you know. If people like you and if they know you as a person of high character but one who is still building professional competencies — in other words, you do not know very much […]

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