Thanks Dad!

Some Catch

Hey dad Hey Dad!

It is Christmas time again and families all around the world are getting ready to share their Christmas joys.

As usual, Moms and Dads get a list together from their little girls and boys.

Some lists include such things such as cars and trucks.

While others include things like Barbie dolls and make up.

Boys will ask for video games and sports things, while girls may ask for dresses, clothes, and angels with little wings.

You have been a Dad for 36 plus years now and worked for 45 plus years as well.

You have had the opportunity to raise 7 children, which is priceless, but I’m sure caused all kinds of hell.

I could not imagine how hard it must have been with all that weight upon your shoulders.

But I think I am beginning to understand, now that I’m much older.

Dad, we’re all older now and most of us have moved away.

Now it’s time for you to have some fun because we all know you’ve earned your pay.

If I could ask for one thing from you for Christmas, Dad, it would be… No, not a house, a car, not even a watch.

All I want Dad, is to just play some catch.

From the Heart,
Rob December 25, 2001