Get busy living or get busy dying!

What are your thoughts on this theme?  Everyday when I get out of bed I have to make a decision.  Do I choose to get busy living today or do I get busy dying?  That’s a question each and every one of us has to answer daily.  There is no in-between!  Did you hear that?  There is no in-between!

I once heard the great Lou Holtz say, “If you are not growing you are dying”.  They say be a student of life.  If we make a decision to stay status quo, we are making a decision not to grow and that my friends, in my opinion, is probably the wrong choice. I feel as though we should always be willing to grow.  What keeps people from wanting to grow?  Probably the pain!  Growth is painful, it’s challenging, it’s humbling, and yes, it’s hard. When we hear the words, painful, challenging, and hard, most people want none of that. We want things to be pain-free and to come with ease. What do we learn from that?  Think about it.

Thomas Edison once said. “Success often comes dressed in overalls and looks a lot like work”. Growth requires work! It requires overcoming challenges and working through humility. In general, most people would like to be as far from pain and humility as possible. My thought is this; embrace the challenges of life. Embrace humility and work! Say to yourself, “Bring it on!” I used to run from my challenges. I still run from pain. But things really started to change for me when I thought more about the word “EMBRACE”. When humility comes into my life, initially I don’t like it. It has a bad taste to it and it takes some time to work through it. But when I step back and look at what just happened to bring the humility into my life and really take the time to understand it and what I can learn from it, that’s when I grow. The lessons that come from growth are priceless. So now, I embrace humility and the challenges of life. I know on the other side of pain and humility lies the precious gifts of wisdom and knowledge. How awesome is that?

Numbers suggest that only three percent of society is willing to become better students of life. Only three percent! Imagine a world and a life where more of us would embrace growth. Imagine how life could change for you today if you make the decision to grow and be that student! We get once chance at this life! There is no dress rehearsal! Why not take advantage of what comes your way and be the best you can be? Why not get busy living?

Til next time my friends……