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The Commodari Group of eXp Realty is pleased to announce the addition of real estate agent Nick Kobrick to its team. Nick is joining the team as a new real estate agent with a dedication to customer service and a set of values shared by The Commodari Group.

“Nick is committed to our mission of building relationships and loving, caring, and serving our clients. I’m excited he instantly picked up the importance of giving back and how crucial this is to success in business.” said Rob, who has mentored scores of agents over the years. “Nick is wise beyond his years, and I knew when he first connected with me that he would be a great fit on our team.”

Nick says customer care and mission-driven actions are ideals that resonate today with younger adults, who look for companies whose values they share.

“I personally think that if your customers can pick up from you that they are going to feel valued, that creates a loyal customer versus short-term trends that are quick and easy,” Nick said. “When people feel valued and when you continue to put yourself in front of (them), you’re the one that they think about” when it’s time to do business.

Before joining The Commodari Group, Nick worked in commercial plumbing, catering, and home improvement. He says the combination of jobs was the perfect precursor for a career in real estate.

“From plumbing, I learned how to do grunt work and not complain about it. I was at the bottom of the pyramid and doing anything and everything they said. From wedding catering, I learned how to carry myself, have the right attitude, and how to speak to people. It really helped me.”

Nick also comes from a family of real estate agents. His uncle, now retired, owned a real estate brokerage and his mother and cousins all worked at it.

“I decided to go into real estate after reading about investments. I wanted to be an investor. I followed mom, who is an agent, and she guided me through the whole process of where to start, what to do, who to talk to. So, I lucked out at having someone who knew everything beforehand. I didn’t have to blindly walk into anything,” Nick said. 

Nick, who attended grade school with Rob’s son and daughter, says he was drawn to Rob because he wanted to work with an “aggressive” leader. He remembered Rob when started studying for his real estate license and read Rob’s book “Better Than You Think.”

He realized Rob offered “a ton of valuable information about learning about yourself, learning about your values, learning how to do business with people, learning how to influence people, and learning how to sell and buy real estate,” he said. “Then, I met Rob and we just clicked. We started talking about things and realized we had a lot of the same interests.”

In his spare time, Nick reads, works out, and is in the process of finishing his bachelor’s degree in business administration. He says by time he’s 30 he wants to write a book, but in the short-term, “I really, really want to close my first deal by December.”

Nick is from the eastern part of Baltimore County and serves the Baltimore area. You can reach Nick at or 443-903-0250. As always, Nick and The Commodari Group are never too busy for your referrals.

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