Soar Like an Eagle

I was flying home from a real estate conference in San Diego and thought I would share my thoughts.  The theme of the conference was “SOAR”.  When I think of the word soar and when I saw the picture of an eagle that was shown on the screen at the conference, I could only think of one word,  FREEDOM!

We are all created from what I believe is a higher power to fulfill a purpose.  That purpose was planted within us at the moment of conception in the form of a seed. What we do on our journey and how we live, can and will determine how soon we fulfill that purpose.  That journey we take is the fertilizing of the seed.  It’s the nurturing and the cultivating. We were born to soar!  We were created to support and encourage others to reach  new heights.  When we reach that point of fulfillment, we rise to new heights.  We soar!

An eagle can fly just as high if not higher than any bird in existence.  An eagle has laser focus. An eagle uses storms to fly higher.  What do we do when storms come into our lives?  Do we run from the storm? Do we abdicate?  Or do we embrace that storm and use it as an opportunity to rise to new heights? Over time an eagle’s feathers get oily and heavy.  When that happens, the  eagle, at some point flies as high as it can go and flies directly toward the sun in an effort to melt those oils.  When it can fly no higher and when it can’t withstand the heat of the sun any longer the eagle takes a dive toward the ground  flying at an extremely high-speed and sheds its old feathers to allow its new ones to grow.  The eagle in a sense resets.  Do we take the time to think of or become aware of how rusty and old our own feathers (habits) have become?   Do we take the time to hit that reset button to grow new feathers, to learn new things, to meet new inspiring people, to change our habits in order to help us on our journey of reaching new heights.  Or do we accept status quo?

Freedom knocks on our door.  Freedom is right in front of us to grab, to experience, if we would just take the time and have confidence in whatever our endeavors are to move forward and live the life we were created to live.  Imagine the feeling of that freedom.

I think of a song when thinking of the eagle soaring, ”Where Eagles Fly” by Sammy Hagar.  When you have a moment listen to this song and envision yourself as that eagle. Envision yourself accomplishing the things you wish to accomplish in your life, the people you want to encourage, the places you want to go, and most importantly the person you want to be. Imagine being free to be the person you were created to be!  Imagine soaring to new heights!  One thing’s for sure; I want to soar!  Do you?

Until next time my friends