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Slow Down to Speed Up: Contemplative Prayer and Clearing the Mind

Most of us go through our days checking off things we had set out to do when the day began and very seldom think about the day itself. We are doers.

Thirteen years ago, I was introduced to “contemplative prayer.” It’s a form of meditation where one tries to clear the mind of the spinning thoughts. It’s a nearly impossible task with 50,000 thoughts moving through our brains every day. 

The Law of Nature: Connect With Spirit, Achieve New Growth

Every time I have been inside the Jessup Correctional Institution to speak, I have always felt moved by the spirit. Yes, the guys who I am speaking to have committed crimes, and the general consensus on the outside is to not care about what happens to them. They’ve sealed their fates. They did the crime, now they must do the time. But when I’m there, I feel a sensation, one that leads me to conclude that these guys can connect with spirit.