50 Years!

The Commodari's Wedding Day
The Commodari’s Wedding Day

This past weekend we celebrated my parents’ 50th wedding anniversary by giving them a surprise party.  Fifty years!  How many marriages today last half that long? Less than fifty percent is the answer. Why is the 50th anniversary called the Golden Celebration?  A 50th wedding anniversary is called “golden” because an ancient tradition was for a husband to give his wife a golden wreath, garland or necklace on their 50th anniversary. My father didn’t give my mother a golden wreath, garland, or a necklace for their special occasion, but what he has given her is a commitment just as she has given him.

After walking in to the party, it was obvious to see how much it meant to them, for us to recognize this special and rare occasion. But what does it mean to us, their seven children, and all the people surrounding them in their lives?

My parents have worked so hard all of their lives. My father worked three jobs most of his adult life. My mother stayed home and raised us. I can’t imagine how hard it must of been to be a stay at home mom, raising seven children in the process. Our first house was a 745 sqft. house with two bedrooms and our next house was a little bigger with three bedrooms. We were a close knit family for sure. How could she not go crazy raising such a big family in such cramped quarters?  Her faith is what kept her going, along with her love for us.  To see my mother and father together for that long is a symbol of strength and commitment.

What else does it mean? It’s also a symbol of consistency and stability.  Two boring words maybe, but as the tortoise always beats the hare in their race, so does a steady and consistent marriage always win in the game of love. Yes, there were tough times that went along with the good times, but that’s life. They never quit on each other and that means more to me than anything.  They believed in each other and had faith in one another. They made a commitment and stood by it. It’s taken determination and perseverance along the way, and  together  they have made their marriage work. Wow!

I’m in awe and amazement, when I think about some of the words to describe their relationship and the success of their marriage. What would happen if we all took a lesson from their marriage, and applied the words I used earlier in our own lives: commitment, strength, stability, consistency, and perseverance?  We would certainly have successful businesses and lives.

My parents have had a successful marriage because they stood true to their values and to themselves.  If we decide and commit to do the same in our own relationships, whether in business or in life, the result can only be a positive one.


Until next time my friends….