There & Perfect, do they exist?

Some rights reserved by SweetOnVeg
Some rights reserved by SweetOnVeg

We are born into this world full of innocence and wonder. We are taught to be the best we can be and to strive to reach new heights. At some point a competitive trigger is initiated and then what? Whether it’s internal or external, it’s still a trigger. We decide to either compare and compete with others or we decided to compete with ourselves.

So we strive to get there; the next level, the promotion, the number one sales person in the company. We try to be perfect in all that we do. And when we fall short of perfection, we beat ourselves up. What does there look like? When we work so hard to get there and we finally arrive, what do we do? We set the next destination without even taking a breath to enjoy the moment. Why? Because there really meant nothing. Because there doesn’t exist. Of course, if we are talking about a geographic destination, that’s one thing. But when we are referring to there in terms of the next level, I don’t believe such a place exists. I believe it’s an illusion in our own minds. It could also be our ego at work. If I could only get there? Then what? We should always be growing and when you are in a mode of continual growth when do arrive. We may get to another level of awareness but there is always more to learn.

The same goes for the idea of perfection. Most of us try to be perfect. As far as I am concerned, there was only one person that was ever or will ever be perfect in our world. It’s not you and I know it’s not me. So why do we strive to be perfect? There really is no such thing. We may say things worked out perfectly in certain situations. We might say that was the perfect day! That all depends on how we define perfect. As far as being perfect? It’s not going to happen. However, you can be perfect as you are. We were born into this world designed to be who we are, and God made us perfect in His image. But suffice to say, we are not and never will be perfect. Again, to be perfect is an illusion.

It’s important to know what your “Why” is when striving for perfection or attempting to get there even though they don’t exist. If you do know your why it gives you something to shoot for. In life you are either growing or you’re dying. You can’t stay still.  I recently read in the construction business that there is an imperfection in every piece of wood. We all have our flaws, but my encouragement is to think of accepting yourself as you are, in the perfection as God made you and then you have arrived there. A place of contentment and freedom.

I’d love to hear your thoughts. Until next time my friends…