Declutter to Prepare Your Home for Sale

A lot of people become sentimental about their belongings when they’re getting ready to prepare their home for sale and move to their next destination. But how attached are you to items that you forgot were there or you haven’t used in a long time — a year or more — or that you’re just plain tired of looking at from day to day?

Part of the attachment may be because departing with these items can feel like an overwhelming task. Preparing a home for sale, especially one you’ve been in for many years, can take days or weeks, and sometimes even a couple months. When it’s time to anticipate what needs to get done to get their family out of the property, oftentimes homeowners realize they do not know where to begin.  Rest assured, this is a common response. 

Let us at The Commodari Group lead the way! You will need to follow several steps and follow the guidance below but when you tackle it one room at a time, it becomes easier with each room.

Declutter, Pack Up, and Donate

It is very important to look at your home from a different perspective — a prospective buyer’s point of view. Buyers want to envision themselves in your space. That means you have to remove visual reminders of your life in the home. Start by removing any personal photographs of your family. 

— Remove personal items from all display surfaces and countertops, and limit these spaces to three or fewer items on display. Put your cosmetics, toiletries, and medicines out of sight. 

Buyers will also assume the home doesn’t have enough storage space if it is crammed with belongings.  A potential buyer will take notice if your closets are packed tight with clothing, shoes, or other belongings. Strip this thought from their heads by removing items that you don’t really want or need — or even those you do — before showings begin.

— Start by packing seasonal items and clothing to create more space in precious storage areas.  Put all your bulky jackets and sweaters into in boxes and place them in a storage unit. 

Holiday decorations are also a great place to declutter or donate to a local charity. These items take up a lot of space in your storage areas.

— Get rid of worn furniture and remove children’s toys from the floors. You can donate these items to Purple Heart, Goodwill, Second Chance, or many other charities that will make sure they are repurposed for someone new. Clean out laundry rooms, workshops, and sheds.    

Repair & Paint

The last thing you want buyers to question are damages that aren’t really a problem, for instance, an old water leak stain on the ceiling.  It’s important to make any repairs and then restore the area of any evidence of damage so it isn’t noticeable to a buyer.  While you have a handyman doing repairs, ask them to paint any rooms with vibrant or overly dark colors.  A neutral palette in color scheme is a great investment to freshen things up. A room looks larger in a light color such as white or pale gray. If you’re using wallpaper or curtains, consider solid colors instead of patterns, which can be distracting.

The appearance of a freshly calked bathroom also goes a long way for a buyer.  If the budget permits, an upgrade to modern lighting will be well worth it to freshen up the home. 

Clean Up

A clean home is essential. That means getting rid of the dust bunnies and cobwebs and making sure the home doesn’t smell like last night’s dinner or burnt popcorn. All surfaces and floors must be gleaming.  All appliances should be clean and functioning.  Clean all bathrooms and organize linen closets.  A buyer will be looking at all of this spaces and they should be tidy.

If you are too busy to tackle this job, hire a cleaning service to do it for you. You’ll enjoy coming home to a clean and fresh home and then you just need to keep it tidy until it is under contract.   

If you need a recommendation for a professional to help you with any of these tasks, we can help.  We have a database full of reliable pros to help you get your home ready to sell.