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50 Years in the Blink of an Eye

As I reflected Sunday on my 50th birthday and how the first 50 years of my life have gone, I thought about a book I read several years ago called Halftime, authored by Bob Buford. In his book, he shares how we can look at our lives in two parts. The first part is our striving for success and being all about ourselves, and the second part is about living a life of significance.

The Year in Review: An Inventory of Wins, Losses, “Ahas” and Gratitude

As 2016 quickly comes to an end, it’s time to look at the year in review and to take inventory of what happened over the past 365 days. Every year starts out with ambitions and goals; maybe even a New Year’s resolution or two.  Along the way, however, many of us fail to track what we …

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The Law of Nature: Connect With Spirit, Achieve New Growth

Every time I have been inside the Jessup Correctional Institution to speak, I have always felt moved by the spirit. Yes, the guys who I am speaking to have committed crimes, and the general consensus on the outside is to not care about what happens to them. They’ve sealed their fates. They did the crime, now they must do the time. But when I’m there, I feel a sensation, one that leads me to conclude that these guys can connect with spirit.


Many times when relationships come to an end, there is usually some bitterness or sadness on one side or the other. Not often does one side or the other say, “Thank you for the time we had together.” There always seems to be a reason for someone to be upset. There are also relationships that …

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