The Point Guard and the Game of Life!

My children recently completed their school basketball season in which they both played point guard for their respective teams. Throughout the year I constantly and consistently encouraged them to be aggressive and drive the lane during their games.  For the most part they struggled to do so but when they did good things happened.

A point guard’s responsibility or job, if you will, is to run the offense.  The point guard can bring the ball down the court and make things happen.  He/she can create opportunities for him or herself or the point guard can create opportunities for others.   Simply stated, when a point guard drives the lane opportunities are created.  The point guard can drive in and shoot.  The point guard can drive the middle and as the defenders collapse on him / her , the ball can be passed to an open player for a shot.  The point guard can get fouled and get free throw shots and cause the player on the other team to get into foul trouble.  The point guard can make things happen.

One day I asked both of them why they refused to drive the lane.  They had similar answers. They were afraid to lose the ball or make a mistake.  As a father, I continuously look for opportunities to teach my children and guide them through life.  In life, we have to take chances.  We have to look for the opportunities for ourselves and others.  I would rather see them drive the lane, be aggressive and possibly make a mistake instead of not trying at all.

As the season drew to a close my children did a better job of driving the lane and making things happen.  I would say they did a pretty good job.

As I sit and ponder writing this blog and as dad and businessman, I ask myself the question: how often do I drive the lane in life and create opportunities for others and for myself?  If I do not take the opportunity to drive the lane in life, I will never know what opportunities exist.  If I drive the lane and lose the ball or make a mistake, would I really fail?  I might fail in that moment but as in life, sometimes we get our answers later and not in the moment we expect them. I will learn from my mistakes.  If I fail, I will fail forward.  I will get up and I will become better for trying.

We are all point guards in our lives!  We have the opportunity to be better for others and for ourselves.  Drive the lane in your life!  Make things happen for you and for others. If you fall, get up and try again.  Get up and be a better person. Be a better person for you and for others!