Transparency! Be who you are!

What is transparency? Simply stated, being transparent is about allowing others to see you for who you really are. So many people are insecure or afraid for that matter to be who they truly are.  We wake up every morning and put on a mask hoping others see us as someone different instead of who we really are.

Growing up I would have never thought to let anyone know my FEELINGS about something.  I figured I had to be this tough guy and keep my feelings to myself.  I couldn’t let people know I was hurting inside for the fear of being perceived as weak. Then in 2002 I came to understand what being transparent meant.  I came to realize that it was ok to be me.  Being transparent is what I believe the ticket to personal freedom to be who we are in spite of what others might think or say.  When we embrace who we are and live according to our values we are free.

So many people go through life wearing a mask.  They cover up who they are and deprive their friends and family and all those they come into contact with, the privilege of experiencing the real you. Being transparent is attractive. It allows others to see that it’s ok not to be perfect.  None of us are perfect.  We all have our challenges, our struggles, our inadequacies. Being transparent with ourselves and with those around us is inspirational.  It makes life authentic and genuine. When we go through life giving others the impression we never have struggles or that we never have insecurities, we make others believe, especially our children, that they have to be perfect or that they can’t make mistakes in life.  Growth occurs when mistakes are made and we should embrace that.  When we do embrace that idea, we can take our lives to a new and exciting level.

I can’t emphasize enough how important it is for us to live a transparent life, especially for those closest to us.  No one likes a phony.  Go out today and be who you are.  You were created to be you and no one else. Be who you are and let that light shine on all those around you!